FESSH Hand Out – 3rd issue

תאריך: 15/02/2018
FESSH Hand Out


Information Letter on Hand Surgery in Europe

Welcome to the 3rd issue of FESSH HAND OUT, a bimonthly information letter for hand surgeons.

YOU are member of FESSH
According to the Bylaws of FESSH the full members of the Federation will be the National Societies for Surgery of the Hand belonging to the countries that are members of the Council of Europe, represented by their Delegates. It also means if YOU are member in your National Hand Society, YOU are automatically a FESSH member, as well. Please be aware of this fact when you check the registration fees for the next FESSH Congress in Copenhagen in 2018.

Online Self-Assessment has been launched – Are you ready for the EBHS Exam? Are you updated in hand surgery? Try yourself to click here:

Welcome the new committee members of the Congress Committee
FESSH Congress Committee led by dr Brigitte van der Heijden has invited two new committee members responsible for important issues:

Dr Myriam Obdeijn will be responsible for all issues related to patronage provided by FESSH and the accreditation procedure of the annual FESSH congresses. She is a Plastic Surgeon, specialized in Hand and Wrist Surgery, former President of the Netherlands Society for Surgery of the Hand. Her field of interest within Handsurgery is Spasticity of the Upper Limb, Hand and Wrist injuries in top athletes (especially gymnast wrist) and wrist arthroscopy. Furthermore she is interested in the development of new teaching materials like E-learning and simulators. She works in the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Dr Philippe Bellemere will be responsible for corporate partners and sponsors of FESSH. He was educated and trained in Paris, he has been working for more than 25 years in Nantes at the Institut de la Main Nantes-Atlantique in a team of 8 senior hand surgeons. This private unit is a referent hand surgery and hand trauma center. It has an academic agreement for education and training residents and fellows. He is the Past President of the French Society for Surgery of the Hand (SFCM/GEM) and he was the President of the FESUM (Federation of the Hand Trauma Centers in France). He used to be a member of the Hand Trauma Committee of the FESSH and chaired the Prevention Committee. His special interests in hand surgery are arthroplasties in hand and wrist, arthroscopy and sequela of hand trauma.

Welcome Serbia, as new FESSH member country
Serbian Society for Hand Surgery (SSHS) was founded in 2013. Professor Marko Bumbaširević is the founder and President of the Society as well as FESSH delegate.

To date, SSHS counts 29 members. It is a small but very active society with interest in the training of surgeons involved in Hand Surgery.

Training center and departments are based at Orthopedic and Traumatology University Clinic of the Clinical Center of Serbia, at the same place where it all started. Two departments are covering all kinds of hand trauma, replantation surgery, hand pathology
including tumors, congenital malformation, rheumatology, reconstructive procedures. Hand surgery is closely related to microsurgery.

In the near future, SSHS is hoping, based on its experience in planning and organizing of large science events, to have the opportunity to host FESSH meeting in Belgrade.

FESSH historian is preparing planning a new book on History of Hand Surgery in Europe
– Your country's famous hand surgeons should be included!

Martin Langer, the editor of the planned book on the history of Hand Surgery is working on covering all European countries' important and interesting personalities, discoverings, stories related to Hand Surgery in Europe. All contributions are welcome: please send information on the topic to the following address: historian@fessh.com

When and where was your Hand Surgery Society founded, who were the founding members?
Who have been the most influential hand surgeons in your country?
Which hand surgical developments come from your country that have become established worldwide?
Which hand surgeons from your country should be known in Europe or worldwide?
Are there any photos of the most important hand surgeons that have never been published before?
Who could Martin Langer contact in your country hoping more historical information or image material?
Is there a logo of your national Hand Surgery Society and what does it mean?

Let's meet the Social Media Committee and its chairman, dr Zafar Naqui
FESSH is recruiting volunteers for the Social Media Team

In his new role for FESSH, Zafar Naqui aims to raise the profile of hand surgery in Europe through Social Media. The committee will seek to establish a strong FESSH presence on platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, Linked-In and Instagram. It will seek to work with enthusiastic surgeons across the continent. FESSH already has some representation from Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Romania, Estonia and Israel. If you would like to join the committee or know more, please contact Zafar Naqui

EBHS Diploma Examination
More than 100 accepted candidates will write EBHS MCQ Exam on 16 March 2018 in exam centers accross Europe:

– Ankara, Turkey
– Paris, France
– Manchester, UK
– Utrecht, The Netherlands
– Gothenburg, Sweden
– Bonn, Germany
– München, Germany
– Milan, Italy
– Zürich, Switzerland

REGISTER NOW! Early fee expires 15 March 2018

Preliminary Program is Published

FESSH Hand Out
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